Waterfront Depot

Old-world Charm and Warmth in a Sophisticated Adult Setting. Welcome.When I set out to establish The Waterfront Depot, I wanted to create a place where adults could find a safe haven from the storms of everyday life, a place that offered urban sophistication amidst the warmth and old world charm of the Pacific Northwest coastal culture. From the moment I first entered the old Mapleton Train Station that was destined to become The Waterfront Depot, I knew I’d found a truly exceptional space filled with warmth and character where my San Franciscan-urban style would flourish and delight.A fusion between the warmth and satisfaction of Pacific Northwest food and the worldly flavors of my Indonesian heritage and San Franciscan background is what you’ll find at The Waterfront Depot. With only the best local ingredients, I’ve set out to create a menu that reflects the passion and creativity my parents brought to the table. While our menu changes regularly, you’re sure to find old favorites alongside new and tantalizing choices that will delight and satisfy. I invite you to come discover old-world charm and warmth in a sophisticated adult setting at The Waterfront Depot.

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