Lofy Construction

I have been in construction for over 30 years and Love every minute, We have done everything from small projects, Custom Homes to 60,000 Sq Ft Commercial building, Home additions, Single room remodels to complete house remodels, Tenant in-fills in commercial buildings, 15,000 square foot commercial remodel, Our main focus now is remodels, We are joining up with the NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association, Opening a new office in town and adding a designer to our team

Lofy Construction is proud to receive the “Florence Green Award” for our Green efforts.

We separate all job site materials, all wood products are recycled, all cardboard is recycled, all metals are separated and put in the metal bins Any bushy debris or trees are brought to Sand Ranch to be ground up for mulch and concrete is recycled. when we do have garbage we empty the bag at the dump and reuse them so as not to fill the landfills with more plastic. We sweep driveways and streets instead of using water, when we pressure wash we do not use any chemicals that would hurt our eco system, we install LED and other low voltage lighting in all jobs to reduce energy cost’s and usage. we are promoting the use of heat pump water heaters that use 70% less energy to operate. These are many of the things we do at Lofy Construction.

General Contractor, remodels, repairs, residential or commercial.

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