107th Rhododendron Festival

107th Rhododendron Festival

It’s hard to believe but plans are already underway for the 2014 107th Annual Rhododendron Festival in Florence!  Mark your calendar for May 16, 17 & 18, 2014! This is a long standing tradition for our community and we are pleased to announce our theme for this year, 'Not Our First Rhody-O!'.  Rhody Court Pins will be available soon, followed by apparel and posters!


Florence Area Chamber of Commerce
Annual Rhody Festival Themes

2014  Not Our First Rhody-O! 
2013  Come See What We See!
2012  Nothing Short of Wild
2011  Spanning the Years
2010  You Are Here
2009  Pacific Wonderland
2008  Rhody Fun on 101
2007  100 Years of Reflection
2006  The Best is Yet to Come
2005  A Bridge to Your Dreams
2004  Days of Sun, Sand & Sea
2003  Find the Pot of Gold in our Rainbow
2002  The Spirit of America Lives On
2001  Once Upon a Time
2000  Unforgettable Memories
1999  Everything is Coming up Rhodies
1998  Dream a Little Dream
1997  Building Bridges
1996  Just Dune It
1995  An Event to Remember
1994  Where the Sun Never Sets
1993  Florence: 100 Years and Blossoming
1992  Go for the Gold
1991  American Heroes
1990  A Fantasy in Color
1989  Florence, the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow
1988  It’s a Small World
1987  Never-Ending Story
1986  A Siuslaw Heritage, Spanning 50 Years
1985  Those Were the Days
1984  Siuslaw Dream
1983  Through the Eyes of a Child
1982  Thanks for the Memories
1981  ?
1980  All-American Family
1979  Sometimes a Great Notion
1978  Pioneer Spirits – Great in 78
1977  Good Times, Past and Future
1976  Bicentennial Bouquet, Now and Then
1975  Pioneer’s Dream
1974  ?
1973  ?
1972  The Best Things in Life are Free
1971  Just Dreaming of 1908
1970  What If
1969  Dreams for Tomorrow
1968  Let’s Pretend
1967  Would You Believe
1966  Memories
1965  Happiness Is…..
1964  For Every Drop of Rain That Falls
1963  Countries of the World
1962  Those Wonderful Years
1961  Story Land
1960  ?
1959  Oregon’s Centennial Year
1958  Melodies on Parade
1957  no official theme
1956  on back in time apparently no themes
1908  First Festival Theme:  Watch Florence Grow

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107th Rhododendron Festival107th Rhododendron Festival107th Rhododendron Festival107th Rhododendron Festival107th Rhododendron Festival